A center equipped to generate massive quality data

You have ideas and needs, but you don’t have the data? In addition to a team with high-level skills, the CDRIN provides you with massive data acquisition technologies that will be processed to obtain the degree of quality required for optimal recovery. Our team will also be able to integrate its technologies to design the acquisition system that will respond to complex contexts in areas such as health, education, security, etc..

A team powered by digital intelligence

Implementing projects exploiting the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI) requires bringing together enthusiasts in the field who are ready to monitor progress on a daily basis in all sectors of activity. The CDRIN’s skills repository coupled with an IA-oriented skills development plan will enable each staff member at the centre to effectively take charge of your ideas and needs!

Photogrammetric portraits

Photogrammetry is a technique that allows to produce a virtual model in three dimensions from 360° photographs of a real model.
Administration / gestion Projets Team

Isabelle Cayer

Mylaine Côté

Martin Ratté

Yann Gonthier

Julien Coll

Jean-François Couture

Pierre-Olivier Roy

Jérémie Kaltenmark

Olivier Therrien

Fabien Raspail

Financial Partners

Gouvernement du Québec
Développement économique Canada pour les régions du Québec
Conseil de recherches en sciences naturelles et en génie du Canada (CRSNG)
Cégep de Matane
SADC de la Région de Matane
Ville de Matane
MRC de La Matanie
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