An immersive “Experience”: from reality to digital!

Four concepts put together in a single experience. The user is immersed in a virtual world, where he can manipulate a generation of his own 3D bust with his hands. This experience combines photogrammetry in partnership with Ubisoft, the precision mocap in partnership with Vicon, a Virtual Reality (VR) environment produced with Unreal and the partnership of popcorn FX, and an automated pipeline allowing in less than 30 minutes to digitize the reality and inject it into a scene of virtual reality.

The first step of the experience is to pose in front of ten cameras, these photos are then used to achieve the 3D reconstruction of your bust. (Photogrammetry)


These photos are sent in a pipeline that will produce the 3D reconstruction. Several processes will improve and optimize the reconstruction. These optimizations are necessary for the integration into the VR experience. At this stage we have just completed in 15 minutes what could take several hours of work to an experienced artist. For a better control of  the quality an artist will do some checks and corrections if necessary in less than 15 minutes.

Pipeline Migs

At this point we build a package in which we put the bust and then we load it dynamically into the VR experience that we produced for this special occasion.


The initially digitized individual can now put on two gloves and a Vive helmet allowing him to enter the “Experience”. The user with the setup of Vicon’s cameras and the gloves equipped with tracker, will be able to interact in live into the experience with his 10 fingers. He will be able to find his bust at the end of the course where he will have the opportunity to handle and paint it with the color of his choice.


Finally the experience allows in 30 minutes to be digitized and give you the possibility to interact in a VR environment with both hands. The only requirement is a single human intervention for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Une "Expérience" immersive : de la réalité au numérique !
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Ubisoft Montreal
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Needs analysis Concept and feasibility Research and development

Programmeurs R&D : Pierre-Olivier Roy , Jean-François Couture , Fabien Raspail , Jérémie Kaltenmark , Julien Coll

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