Procedural City map

To create games, lots of tasks are repetitive and can be helped by new specific tools. This project is all about helping game designers from iLLOGIKA to create maps for a game where lot of cities where part of the gameworld. At CDRIN, we began from some fundamental research in city building to create a production ready tool to generate the cities.

In the end, the tool integrates seamlessly in the creation pipeline of this game. The tool is developed based on pseudo-random and deterministic algorithms. It is extremely fast and lightweight to add in a game pipeline, and the produced game itself. The tool is able to generate cities:

  • – of multiple sizes ;
  • – with multiple area types : industrial, organic (suburb), Manhattan ;
  • – using random seed generation ;
  • – with density variation ;
  • – with primary axes (highways) and secondary axes (roads) ;
  • – with desirability layers (gray map) ;
  • – with custom zones without any roads to generate, for example, lakes or rivers ;
  • – with custom zones with custom joints on the road network to generate, for example, parks ;
  • – with the possibility for the game designer to change highway networks at the end of the process.
Procedural City map
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Recherche et développement

Programmeur R&D : Jérémie Kaltenmark and Fabien Raspail

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