Plug’in Away at Animation and Efficiency: Simplifying the Journey from 2D to 3D


The process of modeling a 3D model in Maya based on sketches made with Photoshop is essentially manual. The process is long and requires exporting each layer. There are some tools to generate models directly from the textures, but the result is a model mainly using triangles. Adapting the resulting models takes longer than creating them from scratch.

CDRIN is working with E*D Films to improve the modeling process based directly on Photoshop layers. In Maya, we are able to read each layer of a Photoshop file and extract the texture and information such as the outline. We then produce a model for each one. The model is created with its material and texture as well as all the components useful for animation.

For good illumination and quality animation, the model must be based on a mesh consisting essentially of quads. We are currently working on improving the generation of “quad-based” models, based on texture information and complementary layers that allow an artist to influence the orientation of the model during the generation.

This integrated plugin for Maya will save time and make modeling easier. By preserving the link with the source file in Photoshop, the artists will also be able to work in an iterative process.

Plus loin dans l'animation et l’efficacité : simplifier le voyage de la 2D à la 3D
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Research and development

Chercheur : Fabien Raspail

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